Welcome to MSC Consulting Services

MSC Consulting Services Ltd is a Midlands based multi-sector consulting company, a family run business but managed by a world-class sourced team. Our team have over 40 years combined relevant experience acquired at several leading institutions.

We operate in the medical, automotive, aerospace, technology and Capital Finance sectors to take innovative ideas, projects & growth-oriented businesses on the complete journey be it increasing market share, entering new markets or capital raise we simply enable our help, advice and guidance.

We are early adopters and considered pioneers in educating, preparing and executing market strategy & specifically supporting businesses to explore all opportunities in novel ways to bring products and services to new markets.

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What We Do

We work as part of your team to develop and achieve your goals and objectives; we are fully embedded and work synchronously as an extension to your team we act as your territory based business development and commercial team.

  • Market Access Reports
    Our market access reports provide our clients with insight into opportunities that can improve their profitability and enables them to better understand production strategies so that they can maximise these opportunities and achieve sustainable growth.
  • Networking and Introduction
    We specialise in business introductions enabling our clients to quickly meet potential suppliers and clients face-to-face, helping them to build business relationships and professional connections that establish trust and lend business through new opportunities, increased knowledge and mutual understanding.
  • Business Development
    We work as an integral part of your team to build and develop your strategy, identifying business opportunities and using our extensive knowledge of current market trends to understand what barriers to market access may exist to improve your company’s market share.
  • Marketing and Sales
    We combine customer insights with practical expertise in operations and economics and identify your companies target market in order to position your product or service offering in a way that will create sustainable, organic growth.
  • Trending Analysis
    We help you to improve your market understanding by providing quality reliable data and customised reports, KPI’s and predictive modelling to enable efficient analysis & interpretation to inform and support decision making
  • Competitor Benchmarking
    We work closely with you to identify and understand your competitors providing you with a complete analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, their strategies, products and services and growth models and how your target business can improve upon what its competition is doing.
  • Grants & Sponsorship
    We have a highly skilled team who can guide you through the application process and maximise this opportunity to grow your business through access to funds for R&D projects, innovation or even bridging loans.